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Dallas Live Chat Attorney

 Need to speak with a Dallas criminal defense attorney, but are reluctant to call a law firm on the phone? Perhaps you want to simply ask a quick question. Or maybe you’re at work, and you don’t want your co-workers to overhear your conversation. The solution is live online chat.

Our website now features Live Chat, which allows you to speak with someone from our office, online, without even having to pick up the phone. We’re available during normal business hours (and, sometimes, after hours) to answer your questions, schedule appointments, and

to discuss the particulars of your case. Is someone you know in jail, and you’re interested in discussing legal representation and jail release? Try our online chat feature. Simply click the icon in the bottom right corner of your computer screen, and someone from our office will respond right away. If, for some reason, we happen to be unavailable, feel free to leave us a message. Someone will get back with you shortly, either by phone or email (whichever you request).