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Bail Attorney in Dallas


In Texas, criminal offenses are divided into two broad categories: felonies and misdemeanors.  After you are arrested, the judge (in most cases) will set a bond.  For example, in Dallas County, the bond amount set by a judge on an aggravated assault charge might be $10,000.  Using this example, to be released from jail, the arrested person must either post a cash bond in that amount or seek a bail bondsman’s services.  In this situation, a bondsman posts a “surety bond” for you in exchange for your having paid him a fee.

Gavel and Handcuffs | Berlof & NewtonCash Bond

The bondsman’s fee is a percentage of the actual “cash bond” amount.  Bail bond companies charge between 10 and 15%, depending upon the charge’s nature, the defendant’s criminal history, and other factors.  Under these facts, you would have two means by which you could secure your release from jail.  You could post $10,000 cash at the Dallas County Bond Desk or pay a bondsman $1500 (i.e., assuming that their fee is 15% of the bond).  If you post a cash bond, the money you put up as security is returned to you (less a small administrative fee) once your case is concluded, assuming that you attend all of your court dates.

Surety Bond

If you use a bail bondsman, the bondsman keeps the money you have paid to him as his fee for posting a “surety bond” on your behalf.  In some cases, it may be possible to post a personal recognizance bond.  If a judge agrees, you may be released on your promise to appear in court at a later time.  If a defendant has an outstanding warrant and a personal recognizance bond is granted, the defendant is not required to book into jail, post a cash bond, or utilize a bail bond agent.  The warrant is recalled.

Bail Bond Attorney

If you need help with a Dallas County jail release, call us now.  The Dallas criminal defense attorneys at Berlof & Newton, P.C. can advise you regarding cash bonds, surety bonds, personal recognizance bonds, and all other issues that arise regarding Dallas County bail bonds, as well as bails bonds in Collin, Tarrant, Ellis, Denton, and Rockwall Counties.

If you need someone released from jail, whether it be for a felony or a misdemeanor, call us at 214.827.2800.  Our Dallas County bail bond attorney, will represent them in court and post their bond and help them get out of jail… FAST!