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Traffic Ticket? You Need an Experienced Dallas Traffic Ticket Lawyer.  Dallas Tickets Handled.  Warrants Lifted!

Traffic ticket convictions can lead to dire consequences, such as increased insurance rates, drivers license suspension, inability to renew your drivers license, and surcharges.

Many people who receive a traffic ticket think that if they simply “pay the ticket,” their troubles are over.  Nothing could be further from the truth!  In fact, depending upon the circumstances, your troubles may be just beginning.  Anytime you just “pay the fine,” you receive a conviction.  For example, if receive a citation for “no insurance” (under Texas law, the technical name for it is “failure to maintain financial responsibility” or “FMFR”), and pay the fine. You may be wondering:

  • How will this affect my insurance premiums?
  • How will this affect my driving record?
  • How will this impact ability to renew my drivers license?
  • Will I incur surcharges as the result of this violation?

If you receive a traffic ticket, you should not take it lightly.  If you receive a traffic ticket, and take no action, the city in which you received your traffic citation will issue an arrest warrant in your name.  You can be arrested, handcuffed, and placed in jail.  The traffic ticket defense attorneys at Berlof & Newton, P.C. each have over fifteen years of experience in the practice of traffic ticket defense law.  We realize the importance of your traffic ticket case, and how it can affect you.  We offer experienced, aggressive Dallas County traffic ticket defense and will extend every effort to make certain that we keep your traffic citation from appearing on your driving record. If you need help with a Dallas County traffic ticket, call us now.  The Dallas County traffic lawyers at Berlof & Newton, P.C. can assist you with speeding tickets, no insurance tickets, no drivers license tickets, improper lane change, and all other traffic citations issued in Dallas County, and we are also City of Plano traffic ticket attorneys.  Call us now @ 214.827.2800 or use the contact form on this website. The following violations are considered serious traffic violations by the Texas Department of Public Safety:

  • reckless driving
  • speeding more than 15 miles per hour over the presumptive legal limit
  • improper/erratic lane change
  • following too closely
  • traffic violations involving a fatal crash
  • no drivers license
  • unlawful display or possession of ID
  • failure to display ID
  • no commercial operator’s license (i.e., operating a commerical vehicle without one)
  • more than one drivers license in possession
  • expired commercial operators license
  • domiciled in Texas over 30 days (CDL operator who resides in Texas more than 30 days without obtaining a Texas CDL)
  • unsafe lane change
  • failure to yield right of way (FTYROW)
  • railroad violations

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