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Why Hire Berlof & Newton, P.C. for my traffic ticket case?

There are many reasons to retain Berlof & Newton, P.C. to represent you on a traffic ticket case. Our attorneys can:

  • Remove Arrest Warrants in the City of Dallas for only $100
  • Provide Drivers License Protection
  • Avoid State Surcharge
  • Use Every Lawful Means to Keep Your Traffic Ticket Off Your Driving Record

What Does Berlof & Newton, P.C. Do?

Our goal is to keep your traffic ticket from appearing on your driving record. Oftentimes, our criminal defense traffic ticket lawyers are able to obtain an outright dismissal of your traffic ticket case, in which case you will owe the court nothing. Failing an outright dismissal of your traffic ticket, our Dallas traffic ticket attorneys can usually obtain a disposition on your traffic citation that will keep the ticket from affecting

your driving record or insurance premiums. Should you desire a jury trial on your traffic ticket, additional legal fees will apply.

What If an Arrest Warrant Has Been Issued?

If an arrest warrant has been issued because you never requested a court date, or missed a scheduled court date, we can assist you.  If you retain us, we will post an “attorney bond,” which will immediately cause the warrant for your arrest to be recalled, and allow us to set a court date for your case. On the other hand, if the warrant was issued because you previously plead “guilty” or “no contest” (or were found guilty at trial), you have given up your right to appear in court on the ticket, and must pay the fine amount that has been imposed.

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